Get insipred by the breathtaking beauty of Italy.
Artistic wonders can be found everywhere and every corner holds countless and wonderful surprises.
Be ready to explore with us private residences of ancient and noble families, visit world famous museums and private art collections or impressive archaeolgical sites.
From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day, we’ll guide you  in your unique journey through time.


Art Itineraries
We’ll design you a unique art itinerary and your personal art expert will guide you through the fil rouge of the immense italian artistic heritage.
The Italy of Contemporary Art
Italy is not only the cradle of Roman, Renaissance and Baroque art, but it also plays a rather important role in the international modern and contemporary art scenes. From the museums in the biggest cities to art foundations,  galleries and multi- location events combined with our exclusive access to opening and parties, we’ll make you live an unforgettble experience.

    The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection

– Michelangelo