Traveling like an Insider means having the chance to be immersed
in traditions, customs and lifestyle of the Bel Paese.
No other Country like Italy has made its lifestyle
so famous in the world.
La Dolce Vita represents “the art of living”: the finest food, the wine, the passion for the beauty in all its declinations , the experience of living
trying to make the most of every moment
enjoying a “slow life”.
We’ll make you savour all these essential ingredients
of La Bella and Dolce Vita,
a unique recipe for life.

Food and Wine
We’ll reveal you the traditions of italian cousine and the addresses of the best places in town, from the typical trattoria to a private dinner in a Renaissance palace open exsclusively for you.
Artisans and Designers
The attention to detail, the skills of  talented craftsmen and designers, the use of the finest raw materials have made the “Made in Italy” synonymous with excellence around the world. From fashion to furniture design, we can open you the door of private studios with our design expert guides or take you to the most exclusive boutiques where you can find from bespoke tailored suits and dresses, unique vintages furnitures and fashion accessories to avant garde watches and jewellery.
Let's go in Vintage style
We’ll make you discover Italy in the most glamourous way: on a vintage Lamborghini or a convertible Alfa Romeo through Tuscany hills, riding a vintage Vespa around Rome, the eternal city, or maybe exploring the italian riviera and Como lake on a classic Riva yacht.